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Keep the Focus on Fitness, Not Heat & Humidity

Health & Fitness

Everyone knows gyms can get hot and crowded, but getting overheated during a workout is miserable, so keeping the gym cool and comfortable for patrons is vital. Even if a fitness center has an HVAC system, the large spaces, high ceilings and hard-working crowds can be pretty taxing to cool, especially during summer. The EPIC Apex fan can be used alone or as a supplement to your HVAC system to make patrons more comfortable through a cool, revitalizing breeze. In cold seasons, the fans can destratify the air to keep your clients warm. No matter the temperature outside, your space will feel wonderful inside so clients can perform at their highest level.

Working Wonders to Create
A Healthier Environment

People go to the gym knowing they’ll work up a sweat. But all that body heat and sweat can create discomfort, and quite frankly, some unpleasant smells. The Apex fan can help take care of that, creating a breeze that helps to evaporate sweat, while also ventilating odors, so athletes, dancers, trainers and gym patrons can keep their focus right where it belongs: on their workout.

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