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Restaurants & Bars

From the chairs to the lighting and everything in between, the décor you choose for your restaurant or bar will set the mood for your guests. With the EPIC Apex, your fan can be customized to be a memorable piece of décor. Whisper quiet and efficient even at low speed settings, this is a fan that is unobtrusive, so it’s only noticeable for the right reasons. Not only that, its soft breezes create a comfortable environment that you can control for even temperatures as crowds fluctuate. Your customers will be so happy they’ll stay for another round. We can all toast to that.

Fans Create


EPIC commercial ceiling fans can bring powerful airflow to your patio so hot days don’t leave this valuable space deserted. A good-looking, comfortable outdoor dining experience will make it easy for patrons to choose your patio over others.

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Whether you want a showstopper of a fan or something that seamlessly blends in, we can make it happen. See options for your fan.

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