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Whether you’re selling gorgeous goods in your retail store or putting on a fabulous show at your theater, you want all eyes focused in front, not staring up at the ceiling. Epic Fans’ Apex comes in a variety of colors and patterns so it can blend right into any background. With big spaces and high ceilings, temperatures can vary widely from the ground to upper levels. A commercial fan can even out these variations so audiences from orchestra level to the balconies can be just as comfortable. The Apex’s proven performance at any speed means you can set it for gentle air movement so customers throughout the building remain comfortable without even considering how.

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Year-Round Value

You know Apex can cool things down when it’s too hot, but did you know it can stabilize temperatures in cold weather, too? In the winter, you can reverse your HVLS fan’s operation to better circulate warm air. And your Apex fan in the lobby can mitigate the effects of all that cold air coming through open doors. Reduced energy costs year-round and happy patrons? That calls for a standing ovation.

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