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Maintain Temperatures for Peak Performance

Sports & Outdoors

Whether your large space is air-conditioned or not, commercial HVLS fans can play a significant role in making both athletes and spectators more comfortable. Hot, humid environments such as indoor pools or theme parks can be tempered by the Apex fan’s cool breezes, while the fan’s reverse functionality can make outdoor venues and private airplane hangars more bearable in winter months. And with our customization options, your fans can blend into the background or become a fun design element showing off your team colors. That should keep you in the “win” column.

When It Comes to Fans,

Silence Is Golden

Sports venues have a lot going on already: people coming and going, machines whirring, music blaring, cheering spectators. They don’t need noisy fans adding to the commotion. And spectators watching a game don’t need to be distracted by a whir overhead — they should be focused on the action on the floor. Epic Fans are designed to match the lowest sound level in the industry.

Show Some Team Pride
Sports Venues

Fulfilling Higher Expectations
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Indoor Pools

Destratification Is Beneficial
Even in Outdoor Settings

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Outdoor Patios & Pavilions

Create Your Fan
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Whether you want a showstopper of a fan or something that seamlessly blends in, we can make it happen. See options for your fan.

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