The Advantages of HVLS Fans Over Traditional Fans

HVLS fans have many advantages over traditional fans (such as ceiling fans or box fans) because they work differently. Traditional fans use speed to push air out. But that cooled air quickly dissipates, so only those nearest the fan can feel the effects. In contrast, HVLS fans run at low speeds, using more aerodynamic designs to gently push large masses of air down and out, creating a circulatory effect across a large space. They also run much more quietly than traditional fans that tend to get noisier as the speed gets turned up. HVLS fans are ideal for a range of settings, including athletic facilities, theaters, warehouses, service centers, restaurants, and more.

Planned Right, HVLS Fans Can Be a Big Benefit to Your Space

As you’re considering HVLS fans for your space, the type of building and its functions are important to factor in. To start, are you building a new space or retrofitting an older one? In a retrofit, you may have to take into account existing columns or walls that can obstruct airflow, and existing light fixtures that may need to be moved to avoid creating a strobe effect. In a new build, you may be able to forgo HVAC, or at least reduce the amount of ductwork, by planning in HVLS fans upfront. (That may depend on your geographic location, too!) It’s also important to think about your design aesthetic and how you want your fan to fit it (or stand out!).

You’ll need to think about the size of your space and how many fans might be needed. How often would you want to run the fans? For example, if you have multiple shifts of workers, you may use them 24/7, but in a yoga studio, you may only need the fan during your core daytime classes. You’ll also want to consider who can control the fan and from where. Our HVLS fans can be used with a simple touchscreen, or they can be integrated into an overall building management system.

Important Considerations When It Comes to Installation

As you get further into the process of choosing an HVLS fan, you’ll need to dig into the particular needs of your installation. You’ll have to ensure you’re following local city and state codes, and ensure you choose the right mounting option to fit your structure and design. Your building may have unique installation needs, which we can use our engineering expertise to help you navigate.


When you’re comparing EPIC HVLS fans with competitors, be sure to look into warranties and the limitations on warranties. Some companies will require you to use their installers or the warranty will be void. However, we offer a superior warranty that stands whether you use our installers or choose your own.


If you have any questions about our HVLS fans, or even whether an HVLS fan is right for you, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk through your needs and figure out what options would be best for your space.