We’ve spent countless hours engineering our HVLS fans before putting them out on the market. We spent a lot of time on research & development to ensure we put the best designed fan possible into the market. We could easily sit back and just focus on selling now, but we’re not that kind of company. We’re continually striving for better – rigorously researching and testing both new technology to enhance our fans and real-world improvements to installation and maintenance.


USA-Born & Bred

When we set out to design our fan blades, we teamed up with the University of Texas Aerospace Engineering Department. There we worked with them to develop an efficient five-blade design (an odd number of blades produce less turbulence than an even number of blades) and our signature downturned winglets modeled on helicopter blade theory.

And now from our facility in Carrollton, Texas (right outside Dallas), we design, engineer, test, assemble AND ship our Apex and Colossus fans. Doing all of this in one central place has a number of advantages:

  • We can prototype and test new products and enhancements in our R&D lab.
  • We’re able to train and oversee our workers in assembling every fan by hand.
  • Our engineers are able to work with the production team to apply product enhancements quickly.
  • We can keep our manufacturing process very lean, with tight inventory and quality control, steady assembly and shipping operations, and a focus on a high level of job safety. In turn, our customers can feel confident they’re paying for the highest level of quality with the least amount of wasted overhead.


Precise Design & Rigorous Testing

We follow a rigorous testing process for every new product and every product update we consider. Our fans undergo stress testing, extreme temperature testing and ongoing operational testing. Our countless computer models predict performance in a wide range of situations, taking into account a number of variables, including ceiling height, room size, obstacles in the room, room temperature, whether HVAC systems are in place, and more.

When we’re doing R&D on our fans, we conduct both computer modeling and physical modeling. We utilize sophisticated new technologies, including 3D printing to create prototype parts and robotic instruments to conduct precise testing, so that we are continually advancing our fans.


Superior Assembly & Installation

Our employees use a time-tested process to assemble all the components of the fans in our Carrollton facility. Our engineers have taken great pains to consider how fans will be maintained in the future, and designed them to require little to no maintenance. For example, the strut assemblies on our Colossus industrial fans are riveted into place rather than bolted or screwed, to ensure longevity and keep maintenance down.

Our engineers also go out into the field to watch real-world installations. They learn things like what works well and what’s harder than it potentially could be, and they take these findings back to the engineering lab to research and test ways to improve product assembly and installation.

At EPIC, if we design a fan that performs amazingly well in the lab, but it’s hard to install or maintain, it just doesn’t fit our standards of quality. We strive to ensure our fans are the best they can be in ALL the ways they impact customers in the real world.