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Just as people can get overheated and become more sluggish and less focused, so can animals. And when they’re not feeling their best, productivity can go down. Dairy cows that are heat stressed produce less milk. Farm animals and horses that are breathing in pollutants can develop health issues. When animals are your livelihood, these issues can pose a major problem to both your animals’ well-being and your bottom line. This is where EPIC Colossus fans come in. Industrial HVLS fans are an energy-efficient way to keep your herd cool and comfortable — and producing at their best levels. HVLS fans can also reduce stagnant, polluted and odor-filled air. The constant air circulation can also aid in keeping flies away and keeping moisture levels under control. And in the winter, reverse circulation can destratify the air to keep your animals cozy, just like you.

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When it’s time for the rodeo, bull-riding or an indoor horse show, ensure your competition arena is ready for both animals and crowds. Stagnant air and lack of air-conditioning or breezes can make these arenas stiflingly hot. The gentle breezes from industrial HVLS fans can keep spectators cool — and can easily be adjusted to keep up with small or large crowds. HVLS fans can also help keep the dust down when grating it out — better for everyone (including the four-legged!).

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Even though your livestock may be used to life outdoors, that doesn’t mean winter doesn’t still take a toll. Cold animals eat more, dramatically raising your spend on feed. HVLS fans in your barn can destratify the air in winter to keep your cows more comfortable — and your food costs more stable.