Large Fans Fit for the Job

& Ranch
Food &
& Distribution

Prevent Losses Due to Product Spoilage

Food & Pharmaceuticals

Maintaining consistent temperatures is vital to sensitive products like food, beauty items and pharmaceuticals. Lost product due to spoilage can result in huge financial losses. However, air circulation from HVLS fans can help protect your product integrity. The airflow from EPIC Colossus fans can reduce stagnant air and even out temperatures across your facility, preventing hot and cold spots. So whether a product is at floor level at the outer edges of your space or on a top shelf in the center, you can feel confident about the conditions your products are subject to.

Moisture Can Be

The Enemy

Condensation can create big problems for sensitive products as well as for your workers and equipment. Condensation on floors can create dangerous conditions for employees and reduce equipment performance. And at its worst, high moisture levels can contribute to mold and mildew growth. HVLS fans better mix the air, preventing condensation and product spoilage.

Reducing Wasted Food
Food Warehouses

Equalizing Temperatures
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Prevent Melted Makeup
Beauty Distributors

Destratifying for
Year-Round Quality

Total Quality Control
Produce Packing Houses

Remote Touchscreens

For Zone-by Zone Control

Some warehouses and distribution centers are storing a variety of food products, some more vulnerable to spoilage than others, some needing more moisture than others. With networking options like the iFAN® system, you’ll have the ability to control up to 30 industrial fans from one location. Remote touchscreen controls make it easy to control several fans at once — individually, by zone or by entire facility — to ensure you’re circulating air only where and how it’s really needed.

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