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Put Employee Safety & Comfort First

Manufacturing & Distribution

Many factors in an industrial setting can make for uncomfortable workers: a lack of air-conditioning, machinery producing extra heat, and fumes from all the processes inside a manufacturing center. Industrial fans are an energy-efficient solution to all these issues. The breezes from industrial fans can create a perceived temperature drop of 4-7 degrees for substantially higher comfort levels. Then in colder months, reverse circulation can destratify the air. HVLS fans also disperse fumes, helping to improve indoor air quality and thus reduce potential for illnesses. Year-round comfort for workers will add up big in improved productivity levels.

Dry Floors Are

Safer Floors

Pooled water on the floors and even light condensation can create dangerous situations for your workers, both on foot and in motorized equipment. In some cases, costly equipment damage can occur. In the worst cases, workers can be badly injured. HVLS fans help minimize floor condensation, so floors are drier and safer for everyone.

Protecting Product Integrity
Third-Party Logistics

Improving Air Quality

Keeping Things Moving
Distribution Facilities

HVLS Fans Improve
Warehouse Working Conditions

Decreasing the Risk of Slips
Stone-Cutting Facilities

Use Your HVAC

More Effectively

Everybody loves to save money, right? And the bigger your facility, the more costly things like energy bills are. HVAC systems may be keeping workers comfortable, but they cost a lot to run. HVLS fans are more cost-effective, and help you use your HVAC more effectively. With HVLS fans, most users can raise the thermostat 3-5 degrees and get a potential energy savings of up to 4% per degree change. Those are some super savings.

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