Large Fans Fit for the Job

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Maintain Temperatures for Your Mechanics

Service Centers

Mechanical work in primarily un-air-conditioned service centers can be a very hot, sweaty, dirty job. With no HVAC, little to no insulation, open bay doors and running machinery, there can be no relief from the heat and little natural air circulation.
Floor fans just add clutter to an already crowded workspace — and ineffectively just push hot air in one direction. Heat exhaustion
and related illnesses can be serious concerns for workers during unbearably hot summer days. Colossus ceiling-mounted fans
can actually keep your technicians cool without taking up valuable floor space. More comfortable workers are more productive, healthier, happier employees.

Big Air Movement

for Vehicle Centers

Fleet centers and maintenance facilities for big rigs and heavy machinery are massive spaces to heat and cool. Colossus fans come in sizes up to 24 feet and can be networked together and controlled from one central location to ensure you get coverage throughout your large space. Car dealerships and smaller service centers can benefit from industrial fans’ ability to improve air circulation as well. And with reverse capability to destratify the air in winter, Colossus can effectively create a comfortable working environment all year long.

Stop the Sweltering
Vehicle Repair Centers

Cool Off Your Mechanics
Truck Service Centers

Regulating Temperatures With Ease
Fleet Centers

Shift Productivity
Into High Gear

A Beautiful, Functional Sight
Car Dealerships

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Better Air Quality

Cars and trucks take a lot of chemicals to keep running, and those chemicals can put smelly fumes out into mechanics’ work areas. Industrial HVLS fans help disperse odors and help circulate fresh air coming in through open bays, improving ventilation and air quality for employees.