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Keep Athletes Cool While Working Up a Sweat

Sports Facilities

Athletes and spectators alike appreciate fresh, cool air. But many older facilities, particularly university gyms and arenas, just aren’t equipped with HVAC systems and have long relied on a mess of floor fans that have to constantly be maneuvered to where cooling is most needed. Industrial ceiling fans can much more efficiently help with ventilation. They create soft breezes that help evaporate athletes’ perspiration, a vital step in cooling their body temperature down. The fans also spread the cooling effect throughout your space. And newer facilities aren’t immune to problems with circulating cooled air — HVAC ductwork is expensive, and it takes a lot of energy to force the air through the system. If you’re planning a new facility, incorporate industrial HVLS fans in now so you can minimize the ductwork needed while still achieving the same temperature goals.

Remote Touchscreens

Keep Up With Peak Demand

The demand for cooler air can vary wildly during the day in gyms and sports facilities. One moment your court may be quiet and empty and the next you may see an influx of hard-working athletes. With remote touchscreen controls, it’s easy to keep up with these changes. And when demand varies by zone — perhaps only a portion of the gym is busy — networking options make it easy to control several fans at once to ensure the right areas are being cooled at the right times.

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Give Spectators

A Place to Cool Off

When the sun’s beating down, un-air-conditioned outdoor venues can become stifling places for spectators enjoying a ballgame. Stadium spectators seek out respite. Ensure your covered areas are comfortable places to enjoy the game and concessions by installing HVLS fans to cool things down.