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A fan of grand proportions.

Seeking big fans? Look no further than the EPIC Colossus industrial HVLS fan. Its 5-blade design is made to move extraordinary amounts of air, reducing stagnant air, alleviating hot and cold spots and keeping products like food fresh and dry. Not to mention your space will feel more comfortable, with a 4-7 degree perceived reduction in temperature, providing you substantial energy savings in the process.

Meet Colossus

EPIC Industrial HVLS Fans

Extraordinary Air Power

5-Blade Profile
Designed with a patent-pending 5-blade design, EPIC industrial fans are engineered to increase airflow without increasing energy usage or causing undue stress to your building.

Year-Round Value

Reverse Circulation
When things cool down outside, EPIC industrial HVLS fans can help you keep your facility warm inside. In colder months, the industrial fans have the option to be run in reverse, circulating the hot air that may become trapped at the ceiling level without producing any wind chill effect at the ground level.


Can Contribute to LEED Certification
With a dedication to energy efficiency, planning EPIC industrial fans into your design may help your facility qualify for rebates offered by some local utility providers and LEED certification credits in the following categories: Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation in Design.

Cooler Air

Energy Efficient

Save on Energy Costs
Industrial fans work hard so your cooling system doesn’t have to, helping to regulate the temperature from ceiling to floor. Most users can raise their thermostat setting 3-5 degrees for a potential energy savings of up to 3% per degree change.

Cost Savings

Extra Money in Your Pocket
Who wouldn’t want to save a little cash? One HVLS fan can replace several high-speed fans. Plus, industrial fans draw less power than HVAC, resulting in significantly lower monthly electric bills, and allow you to control specific zones separately, so you can remove costly portable fans and swamp coolers.

Product Integrity

Protect Your Goods
Regulating your room temperature isn’t only about staying comfortable. Proper air circulation helps keep sensitive products like food, produce, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals dry and fresh and reduces spoilage potential, making industrial fans especially useful for climate-controlled facilities.

Moisture Control

Keep Things Dry
Poor air circulation can cause stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and unwanted condensation. EPIC industrial fans keep airflow in motion to minimize product spoilage and decay & keep floors safe and dry.

EPIC Industrial HVLS Fans

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