As the seasons change, so do your environmental control needs.

In summer, when temperatures range anywhere from mild to maddening, consumers and business owners often rely on fans for cooling. But ceiling fans are much more than a sidekick to air conditioners: They play a central role in regulating the environment, air quality and even safety in both indoor and non-temperature-controlled facilities.

Here are some key ways EPIC HVLS Fans can help you control and manage your environment:

Moisture Control

EPIC HVLS fans pack a lot of power behind their attractive façade — the kind of power that keeps moisture appropriately in check. Our reliable fans prevent condensation before it forms on equipment that naturally produces it, machinery like that found in farms, breweries and other facilities. And when the moisture in the air is at ideal levels, farm animals stay healthier — and production stays on schedule.

Plus, in high-traffic public places, where doors constantly swing open and shut, EPIC HVLS fans keep the air moving right along to help fight the elements associated with repeated enter/exits.


So what do fans have to do with safety? Quite a bit, actually. For one, they help keep naturally wet places like gyms and indoor pools from getting slippery and dangerous by keeping air regularly flowing.

Also, stagnant air — in any setting — is unsafe and bad for business. Proper air circulation is key to healthy air quality, which keeps customers, workers and livestock healthier.

And with the continued growth in the organic food market, fighting food spoilage is critical for grocery distributors. EPIC’s fans can help prevent spoilage in food storage facilities — keeping perishables fresh and safe for consumers.

Varying Temperatures

HVLS stands for high-volume, low-speed, which means our fans move large amounts of air even at reduced speeds. So, you can keep air moving even when cooling isn’t your top priority. In colder months, for example, running fans in reverse can circulate heat trapped on the ceiling back down to the floor.

And as temps change with the seasons, you may get stuck between your AC and heating needs. EPIC HVLS fans can be a great mild-temp solution to keep customers comfortable instead of freezing them out.

No matter what the temperature is outdoors, using HVLS fans year-round is just plain smart.
They reduce reliance on HVAC systems and lower energy costs by up to 3% per degree change.

Powerful, safe, reliable — EPIC HVLS fans are all that and more. Ready to join the fan club?

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