Quality, Performance and Safety All Rely On Solid Engineering


For the past eight years, EPIC has committed itself to providing the highest quality, best performing — and best looking

While simple, eye-catching design and color options are important considerations, beneath the surface of every EPIC fan is a wealth of solid engineering that goes well beyond what meets the eye.

Our team of HVLS fan engineers are involved in every step of our fan production process — from initial concept and design to stringent safety measures — as well as our product lifetime performance guarantee.  And above all, the sheer amount of engineering that goes into each fan’s safe operation for the life of the product is second to none.

As you spec HVLS fans for your various mechanical HVAC and other projects, we invite you to learn more about the solid engineering that resides at the core of each and every EPIC HVLS fan.

Simplicity: A Core EPIC Engineering Principle

Built into every EPIC HVLS fan is one core engineering principle: simplicity. From our minimalist five-blade design approach on all our HVLS fans to the low-profile motor housing found on our Apex commercial fan, every component is designed and built to use less material, look beautiful, and function at top efficiency.

For example, while more blades might seem like they would convey additional air movement or better performance the opposite is true from an engineering perspective.  Made of extruded aluminum for strength and rigidity, our blades are engineered with just the right profile. That ensures an optimal amount of airflow at the slowest possible speed while expending a minimum amount of energy.

To go one step farther to simplify and reduce the need for excess routine maintenance, EPIC HVLS fan blades are engineered to feature an anodized finish.  This seals the aluminum with a smooth surface that repels dust and dirt in the air.  Other HVLS fans on the market only provide a milled blade surface which attracts dirt and requires more frequent cleaning.


Fans Undergo A Rigorous Production Process

Attention to detail and due diligence doesn’t stop at the drawing board.

For example, our EPIC engineers rely on multiple and carefully selected U.S.-based suppliers that provide a variety of fan parts and components, from motor gear boxes to various lengths of extruded aluminum fan blades.

In fact, EPIC’s motor gear box supplier was selected from an initial group of 12 major manufacturers worldwide.  The chosen manufacturer is now used for all fan sizes offered which simplifies purchasing and ensures consistent quality.

To make certain that our HVLS fans contain zero defects and run without failure for the lifespan of the product, they undergo rigorous quality control procedures.  These include finite element analysis models, computational fluid dynamics models, and a variety of stringent physical tests.

And when it comes to safety, the disconcerting single point of failure concept is totally unacceptable to us.  That’s why every HVLS fan we produce contains multiple redundancies to ensure the highest levels of safe operation.  They range from a fan’s mechanical connections to all of its electrical components which are all designed to perform reliably and consistently.