HVLS Fans Improve Your Environment – Beyond Just Cooling

When temperatures rise in the summer, business owners and managers look for solutions to better cool employees and customers. But HVLS fans can actually provide benefits against the elements year-round. They’re ideal for providing comfort in indoor-outdoor spaces that don’t have any HVAC. And HVLS fans can play a vital role in battling humidity and condensation problems as well.

How HVLS Fans Actually Cool You (It’s Not How You Think!)

First, let’s be clear: no fan changes the temperature in a space. Fans create a circulating breeze against your skin that evaporates moisture and helps you feel cooler and more comfortable in a space. EPIC HVLS fans are especially efficient at circulating the air gently across large areas by pushing a huge column of slow-moving air down to the ground. The air then disperses sideways, resulting in a gentle breeze around people rather that onto them. As a result, your employees and customers can actually feel 4-7 degrees cooler when you’re using an EPIC fan. That’s a huge boon in the summer, when cooler perceived temperatures can mean comfort without the added HVAC costs. It can also be a benefit in cooler spring and fall months, when you may be able to forgo running the HVAC at all because the fans provide enough cooling to keep everyone comfortable.

Yes, You CAN Control Moisture & Humidity With HVLS Fans

In some regions, humidity creates human discomfort as much as or more than the temperatures. Humidity can also wreak havoc on your products, especially perishable items that can spoil or get moldy or items prone to disintegration or rust. Fortunately EPIC HVLS fans can provide consistent airflow over the products, reducing the risk of spoilage and helping with quality control. Some facilities are naturally high-moisture environments, which can present safety challenges. For example, water on floors is a hazard for employees who could slip and fall. HVLS fans are a fantastic way to reduce that moisture.

HVLS Fans Can Make Your Outdoor Spaces Comfortable, Too

EPIC HVLS fans aren’t just for use indoors. They’re ideal for creating more comfortable conditions in outdoor spaces where people gather, such as restaurant patios, sports venues and marinas. Even when patio covers create shade, the temperatures underneath can still be stifling and need air circulation. Plus, more buildings are being designed with large garage or hangar-style doors to create rooms that can be closed to keep out the elements in poor weather, but stand wide open in nicer weather. When the doors are open, HVLS fans are the best way to circulate fresh air effectively throughout the whole space.

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