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Efficient and effective, our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans set the standard when it comes to moving massive amounts of air where a typical ceiling fan simply can’t keep up.

The Customizable

The EPIC Apex commercial fan combines impressive air movement with a completely customizable, sleek, low-profile design. From wood grain to elephant skin to your alma mater’s school colors, the Apex fan is ready to make your own.

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Commercial Fans
Stop & Stare

From yoga studios to theaters and from restaurants to libraries, Apex can be customized to fit right in.

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Industrial Fans
Big Fans for
Large Spaces

EPIC’s industrial fans are innovatively engineered for extraordinarily powerful air circulation.

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Airfoil Blades Increase
Lift & Efficiency

The Colossus fan’s airfoil-style blades push down a massive column of air that helps cool huge facilities.

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Innovative Winglet Design

The downturned winglets of the Apex are specially designed to reduce turbulence for smooth airflow.

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The Impressive Colossus

The EPIC Colossus industrial fan is designed to work hard in even the largest of facilities, producing a gentle breeze equivalent to a perceived 4-7 degree reduction in temperature for optimal cooling capability.

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