Standard-drive Industrial Fan

Epic-sized spaces, meet your match

The Colossus fan is the HVLS Industries legacy design which encompasses a tried and true motor gearbox design.  With a size range from 8-24 feet the Colossus fan comes with industry leading performance, a industry leading warranty and top level controls that allow for the best experience for any and all customers.  The Colossus fan comes equipped with 5 precisely designed extruded airfoils with winglets that allow for maximum performance.

Colossus fan in a warehouse facility.
Industrial ceiling fan in aircraft hangar.
Closeup of Colossus fan
HVLS fan above a small engine aircraft.
Propeller of small engine aircraft.
Yellow small engine aircraft.
Large diameter ceiling fan in aircraft hangar.


  • LESS THAN 55 dBA

    Results of sound measurement in the field may vary due to variation in surface types, environment and conditions


    Wired Touch Screen standard and other network control options available. Can be daisy chained with facility fire systems to shut down during an emergency.


    Reference product spec sheet for CFM number


    Black anodized blades standard with clear anodized blades as an option.


    I-Beam Mounting, Truss Mounting, Truss Span Kits, Z-Purlin Kits, Laminated Wood Beam Brackets

Customization Options

There are a variety of ways to customize Colossus industrial ceiling fans to fit your unique needs. Our specialists will walk you through the process to determine the best options for your space. Our oversized warehouse fans can be customized to fit the needs of any space!

Colossus dimensions.

Available Colors

Black and clear anodized silver are standard options on the Colossus. For special needs, contact us to discuss custom powder-coating for additional color options.

Summit color options.

Digital Controls

Colossus can be integrated with our iFan network control system which can network together multiple Colossus fans, integrate into an exiting BMS, and more.

Hummer Trucking

3 14' Colossus Industrial fans

Good Looks and High Performance in One Sleek Package

Colossus fan in a warehouse facility.

Industrial sized savings

Who wouldn’t want to save a little cash? One HVLS fan can replace several high-speed fans. Plus, industrial ceiling fans draw less power than HVAC, resulting in significantly lower monthly electric bills, and allow you to control specific zones separately, so you can remove costly portable fans and swamp coolers.

Temperature savings.

Year-round value

When things cool down outside, EPIC industrial ceiling fans can help you keep your facility warm inside. In colder months, the industrial fans have the option to be run in reverse, circulating the hot air that may become trapped at the ceiling level without producing any wind chill effect at the ground level.

15% energy savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have clear anodized blades available instead of the standard black anodized blades?

Does the Colossus have the ability to shut down the with the buidling fire system?

What type of controller ships with the Colossus fan?

Can the Colossus fan be integrated into the building management system?

Is the VFD mounted on fan frame or outside of the blade radius?

Origin Climbing Gym, Las Vegas

2 24' Colossus Industrial fans