Pinnacle Equestrian Center - Sonoma Valley, CA

1 16' Colossus Industrial fans

Designed like a spaceship.
built like a thoroughbred.

Efficient and effective, our high volume low speed (HVLS) fans set the standard when it comes to
moving massive amounts of air where a typical ceiling fan simply can’t keep up.

Rainbow particles.

Extraordinary Air Power

Imagine exchanging six residential ceiling fans for one commercial fan and enjoying even more airflow. With EPIC commercial HVLS fans, it’s possible. You’ll immediately feel the difference of our unique 5-blade design, created to produce consistent airflow at any speed setting. The result is a quieter, more effective cooling experience while enhancing energy efficiencies; the environmental advantages & benefits of HVLS fans simply cannot be overlooked.

Efficiency + Sustainability

EPIC commercial fans are powerful at any speed, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to run it at its max capacity, which is one of the many advantages & benefits of HVLS fans. We’ve designed the fans to be impactful at half that rate, so you’ll feel a 4-7 degree temperature change at just 40% wattage use (or a speed setting of 4-5). And with every degree change, you’ll see up to 3% savings on your energy bill. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Movement of HVLS fan.


Epic fans were designed with all four seasons in mind. That means all of our fans are specifically designed to spin in reverse when desired, like in colder months when warm air wants to stay above ground level. In reverse, your big fan performance continues to mix the warm air from the ceiling with the cooler air on the ground – otherwise known as “destratification” – warming the average air temperature without pushing the air downward and causing an unwanted chilly breeze.

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Our fans are as powerful as they look. But you might not believe how quiet they are. Spinning overhead as quietly as up to 35 dBA up to 55dBA*, people will feel the effects of your EPIC fan long before they hear them.
* Results of sound measurement in the field may vary due to variations in surface types, environment and conditions.

Commercial or Industrial?

Unless your warehouse doubles as a breezy nightclub on the weekends, the type, size and operation of your HVLS fans are going to be unique to your environment…and most likely surprisingly specific. Actually, I think this would be better: “With our four available fan models and a huge variety of configuration options to choose from, we’re confident we have the exact solution to keep things cool and flowing for you all year round.”

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Industrial Direct Drive Fan

Less than 45 dBA
Wired Touch Screen Standard
Color Options Available

Ideal For:
Large industrial spaces demanding top-of-the-line performance that delivers huge air volume, durability in harsh conditions and multiple building integration options.
Starting at $6,375*
Brevis fan top profile.
Industrial Ceiling Fan
Industrial 3-Blade Fan

Less than 55 dBA
All-in-one NEMA 4X VFD
Clear anodized blades

Ideal For:
Smaller industrial spaces requiring powerful air movement and energy savings in a more compact and cost-efficient package.
Starting at $4,400*
Colossus fan side profile.
Industrial Standard Drive Fan

Less than 55 dBA
Multiple Control Options
Color Options Available

Ideal For:
Large spaces needing cost-effective air movement that still delivers industrial durability and multiple building integration options.
Starting at $5,800*
Apex side profile.
Large Diameter
Commercial Fan

Less than 35 dBA
Multiple Control Options
Multiple Color Options

Ideal For:
Suitable for outdoor seating, meeting areas and entertainment venues.
Starting at $4,900*

Why choose an Epic fan over the competition?

Not all big fans are created equal, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fan market. When you’re looking to invest in a powerful piece of technology like an industrial or commercial HVLS fan, details matter, and so do the differences.


No matter what the application, we’ve almost certainly been there. From cold grapes to warm cows, our fans are spinning above the country’s most valuable commodities, including the people that help your business run day in and day out.


Many factors in an industrial setting can make for uncomfortable workers: a lack of air-conditioning, machinery producing extra heat, and fumes from all the processes inside a manufacturing center. Industrial fans are an energy-efficient solution to all these issues. The breezes from industrial fans can create a perceived temperature drop of 4-7 degrees for substantially higher comfort levels. HVLS fans also disperse fumes, helping to improve indoor air quality and thus reduce potential for illnesses.

Nebraska Furniture Mart - Dallas, TX

98 Multiple Sizes Colossus Industrial fans


When animals are your livelihood, poor air quality can pose a problem to both your animals’ well-being and your bottom line. EPIC fans are an energy-efficient way to keep your herd cool and comfortable — and producing at their best levels. HVLS fans can also reduce stagnant, polluted and odor-filled air. The constant air circulation can also aid in keeping flies away and keeping moisture levels under control. And in the winter, reverse circulation can destratify the air to keep your animals warmer.

Strassburg Creek Dairy -
Wittenberg, WI

10 14' Colossus Industrial fans


Condensation can create big problems for sensitive products as well as for your workers and equipment. Condensation on floors can create dangerous conditions for employees and reduce equipment performance. And at its worst, high moisture levels can contribute to mold and mildew growth. HVLS fans better mix the air, preventing condensation and product spoilage. The airflow from EPIC fans can reduce stagnant air and even out temperatures across your facility, preventing hot and cold spots.

Dulcich & Sons Grapes -
Delano, CA

5 12' - 24' Colossus Industrial fans


Athletes and spectators alike appreciate fresh, cool air. But many older facilities aren’t equipped with HVAC systems or rely on inefficient floor fans. EPIC HVLS fans create soft breezes that help evaporate keep athlete's cooler. They also help meet constantly changing temperature needs during the day in gyms and sports facilities. With remote touchscreen controls, it’s easy to keep up with these changes. And when demand varies by zone — perhaps only a portion of the gym is busy — networking options make it easy to control several fans at once to ensure the right areas are being cooled at the right times.

Origin Climbing Gym - Las Vegas, NV

2 24' Colossus Industrial fans


From the chairs to the lighting and everything in between, the décor you choose for your restaurant or bar will set the mood for your guests. With the EPIC Apex, your fan can be customized to be a memorable piece of décor. Whisper quiet and efficient even at low speed settings, this is a fan that is unobtrusive, so it’s only noticeable for the right reasons. Not only that, its soft breezes create a comfortable environment that you can control for even temperatures as crowds fluctuate. Your customers will be so happy they’ll stay for another round. We can all toast to that.

The Outland Complex -
Springfield, MO

1 14' Apex
Large Diameter Commercial fans


Whether your large space is air-conditioned or not, commercial HVLS fans can play a significant role in making both athletes and spectators more comfortable. Hot, humid environments such as indoor pools or theme parks can be tempered by the Apex fan’s cool breezes, while the fan’s reverse functionality can make outdoor venues and private airplane hangars more bearable in winter months. And with our customization options, your fans can blend into the background or become a fun design element showing off your team colors. That should keep you in the “win” column.

Vista Brewing - Dallas, TX

1 12' Colossus Industrial fans

Pinnacle Equestrian Center