Large Diameter

Large Commercial HVLS Fan

Fishtale marina Restaurant, Clearwater FL

1 14' Apex
Large Diameter Commercial fan

Now your ceiling can look
as cool as your customer feels

Why settle for an ordinary fan when you can let your ideas take flight?

Free your imagination with our fully-customizable Apex large diameter high volume low speed (HVLS) fan.
This extra large commercial HVLS fan is lightweight, and it’s unique low-profile design makes it versatile enough to mount in a variety of spaces. The 5-blade design of this large commercial fan helps it run so quietly that you almost won’t even notice it’s there … unless, of course, you design it to stand out.

Custom Apex fan with bright green blades.
Custom Apex fan in motion.
Band members performing.
Apex fan bottom profile installed.
Colorful Apex fan installed.
Guitarist playing for an audience.
Apex fan installed in entertainment venue.
Apex fan installed.
HVLS fan above drinks in an outdoor environment.
HVLS fan above an outdoor dining area.
Blue Apex fan installed.
Mechanic working on a car under an HVLS fan.
HVLS fan in automotive bodyshop.
Mechanic in shop under HVLS fan.
HVLS fan in an automotive environment.
HVLS fan in motion in a warehouse.
Close up of fan blade.

Commercial HVLS Fans

Commercial HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) large diameter fans are an ideal solution for providing efficient air movement in large spaces such as warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and other commercial buildings. Our APEX commercial fans have a diameter of 6-14 feet and are designed to circulate large volumes of air at low speeds, creating a gentle breeze that can cool a large area of space without creating disruptive noise or draft. For HVLS fans larger than 14ft, check out our Summit, Brevis, or Colossus Oversized Fans.

HVLS fans are energy-efficient, as they require less power to operate than traditional high-speed fans, and they can help reduce heating and cooling costs by improving air circulation and ventilation. They are also low-maintenance and can last for years with minimal upkeep. Some of the key features of commercial HVLS fans include their durable construction, quiet operation, and customizable speed and direction settings. They can be installed in a variety of settings, including indoor and outdoor environments, and can be controlled remotely for added convenience. Overall, commercial HVLS large diameter fans are an effective and efficient solution for cooling and ventilating large commercial spaces while minimizing energy costs and maximizing comfort. Contact our representatives for a quote today!


  • LESS THAN 35 dBA

    Results of sound measurement in the field may vary due to variation in surface types, environment and conditions


    Wired Touch Screen standard and other network control options available


    Reference product spec sheet for CFM numbers


    Seven standard color options and lots more available upon request.

Endless Options for a Perfect Fit

Whether you’re seeking an eye-catching feature piece, or want an accent that blends with your space,
explore all the ways you can personalize your Apex commercial high volume low speed fan.

Apex dimensions.

Hundreds of Colors

Choose from a variety of colors or patterns, from wood grain to animal print.

Apex color options.

Digital Controls

Standard and iFan-enabled network control panels with brightly lit, easy-to-use touch screens.

Apex touchscreen HVLS fan control.

Good Looks and High Performance
in One Sleek Package

HVLS fan above drinks in an outdoor environment.

Comfort you feel

Savings you need

EPIC large commercial fans are powerful at any speed, so it’s unlikely you'll need to run it a 100% speed because it has been designed for superior performance at speed settings 4-5. We’ve designed the fans to be impactful at half that rate, so you’ll feel a 4-7 degree temperature change at just 40% wattage use (or a speed setting of 4-5). And with every degree change, you can see up to 3% savings on your energy bill. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Energy efficiency specs.
Colorful Apex fan installed.

Designed to
Blend In

(Or stand out,
if that's your thing)

Featuring a sleek, low-profile design, EPIC commercial fans are eye-catching for all the right reasons. Choose from a variety of standard powder coated color options including silver, black, white, red, blue, green, orange and yellow, or outfit your fan with a design all your own in an array of patterns, designs and customizable color options.

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