Tips for Installing an HVLS Fan

By Vladdy Jr. | June 17, 2021

How to Ensure Your Fan Installation Goes Smoothly

Proper installation of any mechanical equipment is vital, and the right planning beforehand can help ensure a smooth and successful installation process. HVLS fans are no different. While Epic fans can be used in a variety of applications, there are structural and electrical considerations and local codes that need to be taken into account before installation day.

Structural & Electrical Considerations

Before you place your order for an EPIC fan, you’ll need to know a couple of things:

  1. Where you’re mounting each fan, including what you’re mounting it to (for example, a truss or an I-beam) so we provide the correct mounting bracket.
  2. What voltage you need. This is especially important because modifying this once the fan is in the installation process requires ordering new parts.

You’ll need a structural engineer to ensure that the fan will be mounted to the proper size beam or spans enough trusses to properly carry the load of the fan. You’ll also want an electrician to pull the right electrical permits and inspect the electrical panel for available space. Your electrician will also need to size the wire and breaker properly for the fan amp draw and distance from the fan.

Local Codes & Regulations

Depending on where your facility is located, it’ll be subject to different city and county regulations. In many places, fans are required to have all moving parts installed at least 10 feet above the finished flooring. Some cities require HVLS fans to be tied into fire suppression systems, while some may require additional structural support depending on the weight of the fan or beam size. Some regions may even have seismic bracing requirements in case of an earthquake. This may sound like a lot to consider, but your local contractor or engineer will likely have encountered these situations before and be able to help you navigate the regulations.

Unique Installation Needs

But what if you have a more unique facility? Perhaps you have concrete ceilings or odd-shaped beams. Or maybe your building has Z purlins or laminated wood beams … or even unique aesthetic needs that require special attention. We’ve got you covered.  Our EPIC fan specialists are experts in helping design the right solution for any facility. In addition, you’ll definitely need to have a local structural engineer involved in the process and sign off on the installation method.

Who Can Install Your HVLS Fan

Epic fans are designed to be professionally installed, and we have an extensive network of installers who are experienced with HVLS fans and will provide you with superior service.

However, you can also choose to have your own contractor or electrician install your fan. If you go this route, you’ll want to ask whether they’ve ever installed an HVLS fan before and have them read EPIC’s installation manual. Our technical support staff can then help answer any questions they have before starting the installation process.

Effect on Our Warranty

For some manufacturers, you must use their authorized installers or you risk voiding the warranty on your fan. However, as long as the contractor you choose installs your EPIC fan according to the installation manual, your warranty will still stand. We’re committed to walking with you every step of the way – and ensuring you get hours and hours of trouble-free use for years to come!

Ready to Get Started?

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