The Truth About HVLS Fan Cooling Power

By Meghan Horihan | June 17, 2021
People Comfort

How HVLS Fans Actually Cool You (It’s Not How You Think!)

When you run a ceiling fan, you feel a breeze coming straight down onto your head and the top of your arms, and you feel cooler, right? But step away just a few feet, and suddenly you’re back in stifling hot air. If this is your only experience with fans, you may look at huge HVLS fans and think, “why would I spend a lot of money, time and effort for just a little bit of benefit?” Well, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans work very different – and much more effectively.

How EPIC HVLS Fans Work

First, let’s be clear: no fan changes the temperature in a space. All fans create a circulating breeze against your skin that evaporates moisture and helps you feel cooler and more comfortable in a space. HVLS fans are especially efficient at circulating large amounts of air in a very gentle way to create this cool feeling.

EPIC HVLS fans use aerodynamically designed blades to pull great masses of air and push a large column of slow-moving air down to the floor. When that column of air hits the floor, it pushes outward, dispersing sideways and resulting in a gentle breeze around people rather that onto them. Think of it as feeling a light breeze on your face rather than the top of your head. As a result, your employees and customers can actually feel 4-7 degrees cooler when you’re using an EPIC fan. This is much more than a typical ceiling fan can provide, making EPIC HVLS fans a perfect solution to meet new ASHRAE 55-2013 standards for ensuring human comfort inside buildings.

But Wait, There’s More Cooling Awesomeness! 

The other great thing is that HVLS fans impact so many more people at one time than a typical ceiling fan. That horizontal airflow spreads pretty far out before the air starts moving back upward to get pulled into the cycle by the blades again. With HVLS fans up to 24 feet in diameter, you can cool people in an area of 30,000 square feet with just one fan!

That’s a LOT of people feeling 4-7 degrees cooler – and that’s a huge boon in the summer, when cooler perceived temperatures can mean more comfortable people without the added HVAC costs. We’ve found that most of our HVLS fan users can raise their thermostat setting 3-5 degrees. In cooler spring and fall months, you may even be able to forgo running the HVAC at all because the fans provide enough cooling to keep everyone comfortable.

If you’re looking for a truly effective solution to help keep your employees and customers comfortable, give us a call at (866) 349-6614 to talk one-on-one.