What is an HVLS Fan?

By | August 5, 2021

HVLS Fans Have Many Advantages Over Traditional Fans

If you’re looking to move a lot of air in your space, you could easily run out to any big-box retailer and pick up a fan. But there are fans that you can’t buy in the average retail store that may be much better suited to your needs. They’re high-volume, low-speed fans, also known as HVLS fans. They can provide substantially more airflow, while at the same time being a quieter and more efficient solution than more traditional fans.


What’s Wrong With Traditional Fans?

Most of the fans you find in retail, including box fans and ceiling fans, work by using relatively small blades to quickly push air out. This air stream quickly dissipates, so the fans only create a cooling effect in a limited area. If you’re trying to cool an entire room of athletes working out, patrons in a bar, employees across a warehouse or distribution center, or workers in a car service center, you need airflow to be effective across a broad area.

Another problem with traditional fans is that they need to run at high speeds for their effects to be felt, and they tend to make a lot of noise. This noise can make conversations difficult. In contrast, HVLS fans remain so quiet, you almost won’t notice they’re there. This is ideal for spaces where noise could become a significant distraction, including theaters, schools and offices.

How Does an HVLS Fan Work?

EPIC HVLS fans use larger blades with a more aerodynamic design based on helicopter rotors. The profile of these blades allows more air to be moved even at slower speeds. In turn, these HVLS fans create a large column of air gently pushing down. When this air mass hits the floor, it pushes outward. This helps circulate air throughout a large space, creating a cooling effect for everyone in the space, not just those directly underneath.

Speaking of Air Circulation …

HVLS fans are so good at air circulation, that in some cases they can be used to keep people cool without even running any air conditioning. Think of a boxing gym, an open bar patio or a loading dock. These spaces often have wide-open windows and doors, and an HVLS fan is perfectly suited to help keep people on the ground comfortable. But in spaces that do have HVAC systems, HVLS fans can be a wonderful complement. EPIC HVLS fans have been shown to create a 4-7 degree difference in perceived temperature, meaning you can run the A/C less while using our fans. In turn, this means you should expect to see an estimated 3% per degree savings, our clients have found.

So before you run out to grab a fan at your local retailer, think about whether that traditional fan is really going to do the job. Ask yourself, will it create a breeze across the entire room? Will it cool many people or just a few right next to or under the fan? Will it help you save on your HVAC costs? Will it be too noisy for your environment? Chances are, an HVLS fan will benefit you more.